LINFA Toilet Pre-filter

The use of high-quality PP filter cotton filter element can effectively filter all kinds of bacteria, impurities, parasite eggs, rust and other harmful substances in the water, which greatly improve the water security. It can also prevent potential clogging of the smart toilet lid nozzle and avoid the accumulation of sediment in the water that increase the risk of mechanical breakdown.

The LINFA toilet pre-filter has a practical and elegant design. The unique buffer structure design helps release the internal pressure formed by the volume expansion when the water freezes, preventing the product from cracking even at minus 15°C temperature, and effectively protecting the water safety in cold regions.

The cross groove design at the end provides convenience and flexibility for filter replacement, as any long-handheld household screwdriver might work.

The strip texture on the filter cartridge demonstrates trendy design that not only meets the aesthetic needs, but also prevent potential slip when replacing the cartridge.

Post time: Jun-06-2022