Intelligent Manufacturing

Manufacturing capability is one of our core value that we continuously apply any possible innovation on the process. We aim to build an intelligent and data-driven factory. With PLM/ERP/MES/WMS/SCADA system, we are able to tie all data and production process together with traceability. The lean production management and automation highly improve our production efficiency. The work cell working stations provide flexibility for variety on order quantity.

Complete Plastic Process

Plastic Injection is one of our core advantages. Right now, Runner has over 500 injection machines running in different plants and the resources are shared within the group. We have controlled each product process from mold design, mold building, injection, surface treatment to final assembly and inspection. The RPS lean production management guide us to continuously improve the production capacity and efficiency. Then we are able to keep ourselves stay competitive in the market.

Woman & Tablet & Robotic smart machines

Complete Plastic Process

Injection and Metal Manufacturing Capability

Injection is one of our most important advantages, at present Runner has over 500 injection machines running in different plants. For metal manufacturing, we provide expert quality control from start to finish, aiming to provide superior quality of metal products to support different customers’ long term growth.