Founded in 2007, EASO is the professional decorative plumbing manufacturer under Runner Group who has over 40-year history as one of the most respective industry leaders. Our mission is to provide the high quality showers, faucets, bath accessories and plumbing valves to exceed expectation of customer needs. We make endeavor to be cutting-edge innovator in research, design and development of new products and continue to maintain our competitive advantage by effective and efficient management and leadership. We always take “Customer Success” as our first priority and principle, as we believe win-win cooperation will lead to sustainable growth of mutual business.

We operate all processes including design, tooling, incoming raw material controls, manufacturing, finishing, testing and assembly. All EASO products are designed to meet or exceed code requirements. We maintain full management control of each process to ensure solid quality of each product we ship. By applying the lean production management and automation, we continuously optimize our production cost and improve production efficiency. We are proud to be a trusted and reliable partner with many global leading customers in wholesale channel, retail channel, online channel and others.