Magnetic robe hook

Short Description:

430 steel wall plate with 3M tape

Magnetic slider with adjustable bracket

Shining and brushed finish available

Wall Plate Size: 120*120 /50*250 /50*310/50*457/50*665mm are available.

  • Model No.: 924601

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    Brand Name NA
    Model Number 924601
    Surface Finishing CP
    Materia PVC
    Wall plate materia 430 Steel

    Drilling-Free Magnetic Accessories

    Unique idea of applying magnetism on accessories is to start  a new series to make difference. Paper holder, shower holder, hanger, cup holder can be  collocated freely by the user , which give unique opportunity  to create the unrivalled bathroom aesthetics.

    Plenty of Choices

    Different combinations fulfil the various daily demand of your family

    Free drilling magnetic accessories

    Flexible and Casual Collocation

    Clean and neat bathroom space ensure you a free and relaxing bath experience. The flexible collocation of accessories meet your demand of storing different shampoos, cream or other cosmetics.

    Free drilling magnetic accessories

    Free drilling magnetic accessories

    Free drilling magnetic accessories

    Installation, Easy and Handy

    Free drilling magnetic accessories

    1.Peel off the protective film of 3M Tape

    2.Wipe the wall with a dry towel, then stick the S.S plate on the wall.

    3.Endure up to 3 Kg loaded accessories and not apt to be deviated.