Push button diverter shower system with storage shelf

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The diverter shower column, Push button control diverter, with storage shelf good for shampoo storage, and the shelf with towel hook, it is convenient for people, With stainless steel shower pipe 22/19mm, height adjustable from 85cm ~110cm, different shower pipe for options. Easy slide holder. Push button to switch between hand shower and head shower, Hand shower diameter 110mm, Soft self-cleaning silicone nozzles., with three spray modes, inner special drop spray, outer spray, full spray, 9 inch Head shower with silicone nozzle, full spray. Chrome plating, matte black are available.

  • Model No.: 820102

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    Brand Name NA
    Model Number 820102
    Certification Mixer compliance with EN1111
    Surface Finishing Chrome
    Connection G1/2
    Function diverter: push button to switch hand shower and head showerHand shower: inner special drop spray, outer spray, full spray
    Materia Brass/ Stainless steel/ Plastic
    Nozzles Self-cleaning silicone nozzle
    Faceplate Diameter hand shower dia:110mm, head shower: 224mm