Micro Bubbles,Solving the Kitchen Water Problem–Deeply Cleaning and Heathier

Regular water of 200 micron diameter cannot achieve the purpose of deep cleaning.
The unique micro-bubble technology can create a 20~100 micron dimeter fine bubbles which can deep clean the adsorbed dirt easily.

1. Remove pesticide residues
The micro-bubble engines could create massive fine bubbles in high frequency vibration and deep clean pesticide residues on the vegetable and fruits effectively.
2. Deep clean the ingredients
The massive micro bubbles could create charged ions for sterilization when bubbles breaking, so as to remove the germs and parasite on the ingredients and keep you safe finally.
3. Deep cleaning in Physical Principles
The micro bubbles could infiltrate into the tiny clearance for removing the dirt and residual.

Micro Bubbles_04

Post time: Jun-20-2022