Innovative R&D Capability

EASO "Kitchen and Bathroom Health Research Center " focusing on R&D of  "  Comfort, Health, Intelligence, and Energy saving“, providing frontier product technology support. At present, we have obtained more than 900 patents both in China and internationally, including utility model patents, invention patents and design patents.

2in1 Micro Bubble Faucet




Product Development and Inspection

In the practice of continuous innovation, EASO R&D team pays attention to new technologies and trends, pursues the humanization and personalized enjoyment of high-tech products, and keeps up with the market trend. The company has advanced inspection/testing equipment and laboratories, such as material research laboratory, surface treatment testing laboratory, precision measurement laboratory and functional testing laboratory.

EASO Four Core Laboratorles


Material research


Surface treatment design


Precision measurement


Functional testing

Accredited R&D capability of science and technology and strong enterprise strength

With over 10 year’s rich industrial experience, EASO has won lot of honors in recent years. We are recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a leading enterprise of “Small Giant of Science and Technology” in Fujian Province, a leading enterprise of “Small Giant of Science and Technology” in Xiamen City, and an innovative enterprise in Xiamen City.